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Evolution Performance Ceramic Coatings

Fabrication Parts:

Parallel Merge Collectors

Our slip fit merge collectors are made with a 15 degree merge from 304 stainless steel tubing. Tubes are machine TIG welded together then welded by hand in the inside and ported for optimal flow. Click below to see available sizes


Metal Spun Catalytic Converters

These high-flow cats feature a 200 CPI stainless steel foil core with a 409 stainless steel spun body. They provide the best flow possible while still being EPA and OBD2 compliant. Click below to see available sizes.


spun cat

Interlocking Flex pipes

These stainless steel flex pipes have an interlocking inner liner that creates better flow than any other flex pipe. The inner liner will not shrink due to high temperatures like the braid inner liners and will not make a whistling noise like the unlined flex pipes


flex pipes

Stainless O2 Bung

These 304 stainless steel oxygen sensors are perfect for adding a wideband sensor to your existing exhaust or using as the primary sensor bung for a custom setup. M18x1.5 thread pitch


oxygen sensor bung

Mandre Bent Ellbows and U bends

We stock U bends and can bend any angle you need out of mild steel or 304 stainless steel. Diameters and radii available:

1.500" OD on 2.5" CLR (Center Line Radius)
1.625" OD on 2.5" CLR
1.750" OD on 2.5" CLR
1.875" OD on 3.0" CLR
2.000" OD on 4.0" CLR
2.250" OD on 4.0" CLR
2.500" OD on 5.0" CLR


U Bends