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Evolution Performance Ceramic Coatings

Lexus IS250 2006+

IS250 Headers

The PPE IS250 Headers give max power gains of 18whp as seen on our initial dyno runs. The headers bolt in place of the stock maniflods/cats and are compatable with stock or aftermarket midpipes and exhaust.

Optional high-flow stainless steel ECT cats are an option. They get welded into your stock or aftermarket midpipe and bolt to the headers.

Our optional ceramic coatings are a recommended option and add good looks along with thermal barrior properties that increase power and lower engine bay temps. They are also a great protection against corrosion.

Header Features:

  • Equal length tubing
  • 3/8" thick laser cut flanges
  • Mandrel bent 16 gauge tubing
  • 15 degree parallel merge collectors
  • Runners are welded with Silicabronze at the head flange
  • Porting at flanges
  • Flat sanded head flanges
  • no need to modify or relocate the dipstick tube
  • Install instructions
  • 1yr warranty

ECT Catalytic converters are EPA and OBD2 compliant.


is350 headers

Download the install guide


Dyno run:

Performed on the Mustang dyno at ADS in Chandler, AZ

Intake, Invidia Midpipe, Tanabe mufflers

Iintake, Invidia Midpipe, Tanabe mufflers, PPE Headers, no cats

Gains: 18whp