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Toyota MR2 Spyder (MR-S) with 2ZZ-GE engine swap

2ZZ MR2 Race Header

The PPE race header for the 2ZZ swap MR2 spyder is the same proven design we use on the Celica and Lotus Elise. It was designed in Solidworks CAD software for precise tube lengths and has a full race merge collector. It uses a sprung metal gasket to attacehd the cat or testpipe and allows movement in the system to give years of trouble free performance. Features 1 3/4" runners and a 2.5" outlet. When used with our 2.5" spprt cat or testpipe and our 2.5" muffler, you have the best possible peroforming exhaust for the 2ZZ MR2. Nothing even comes close performance and design wise.



2ZZ MR2 Sport Cat and Testpipe

The PPE 2ZZ MR2 Spyder sport cat is designed to be used with our 2ZZ MR2 header. It bolts up to the header with 2 spring bolts and is 2.5" OD. The catalytic converter is a 200CPI high-flow design with a stainless steel metal core. These cats are tough and efficient. The outlet on the cat pipe can be made 2.5" OD to fit to one of our PPE 2ZZ MR2 exhausts, or in 2.25" OD to bolt up to your existing stock or aftermarket exhaust.

The PPE Testpipe is the same minus the cat and comes with an O2 Conditioner.

ECT cats are EPA and OBD2 compliant.



2ZZ MR2 Spyder 2.5" race exhaust

The PPE 2ZZ MR2 race exhaust bolts up to the PPE 2ZZ MR2 Sport cat and testpipe to make a complete 2.5" race exhaust system. It uses a strait through Magnaflow stainless steel muffler and can be made with a single 2.5"OD outlet or dual 2.25" outlets. The entier exhaust is 304 stainless steel. Tips are polished 304 stainless.



2ZZ MR2 Spyder Cold Air Intake

The 2ZZ MR2 Spyder CAI uses an Apexi Power filter, which has been proven to be the best flowing and best filtering performance air filter in the market. It is also a dry filter, so it will not cause faulty reading from oil contamination on the MAS like oiled filters do. The intake is 100% aluminum and has CNC flanges to mount the MAS and Apexi filter. The filter is placed behind the battery close to the driver side air intake.




Check out Videos of our products on customers cars on YOUTUBE

To the right is Siho's 2ZZ MR2 Spyder with the PPE Header, Sport Cat and 2.5" muffler.